Medical Disposable Solutions


Recuperate Medical B.V. (RM) develops and supplies medical disposable products for use with human cell-based technology products that support natural recovery. Based in the Netherlands, RM brings together medical specialists, scientists, technology and blood banks to further the development of products that increase surgeon’s influence on the patient recovery and to help improve patient outcome.


RM commenced an innovative partnership with Sanquin Blood Bank Netherlands in 2013. Objective of this partnership is twofold. Firstly, to improve the manufacturing process and the application techniques of disposable products that support natural post-operative healing. Secondly, to provide a new generation of performance for the production of a unique fibrin matrix.

CPA-D Disposable

The RM CPA-D Disposable enables the production of FITRIX®, the ONLY human 100% single-donor plasma fibrin matrix. FITRIX® is a fibrin matrix harvested from blood-plasma components using the advanced CPA-D Disposable Plasma Processing and Storage Application Set.

Read more about the CPA-D Disposable for the production of Fitrix®.

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