About Us


Recuperate Medical B.V. (RM) aspires to be a leading business that provides the best medical disposable solutions that support natural post-operative healing through tissue regeneration. In bringing together medical specialists, scientists, technology and blood banks, RM aims to provide a collaborative environment that maximizes the regenerative medical treatment of the patient.


RM puts the patient first. The CPA-D Disposable is an essential addition to the medical treatment with FITRIX® supporting natural recovery of the patient. Medical specialists should be able to benefit from the extensive product design and development during implementation. The vision is to achieve health benefits by supporting post-operative natural healing, enabling patients to reintegrate into society faster and ultimately reducing the costs to society.

Management Team


Alfred Welink

  • HBO business administration
  • 13 years of C-Level management experience in hospital food supply services
  • Responsible for general management
  • Primary focus on the production and delivery of high quality CPA-D Disposables to Sanquin Blood Bank as well as international customers

Henry Kuper

  • Certified nurse
  • Background in anaesthesiology and surgery
  • 20 years of international ‘Medical Device’ marketing, sales,
    C-Level corporate experience
  • Responsible for sales, marketing, clinical-scientific support and R&D related activities

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