CPA-D DisposAble / Fitrix®

Recuperate Medical B.V. (RM) commenced a partnership with Sanquin Blood Bank Netherlands in 2013. The result of this partnership is the development of a unique fibrin matrix called FITRIX®. FITRIX® is the ONLY human 100% single-donor plasma fibrin matrix. The fibrin matrix is harvested from blood-plasma components using the RM CPA-D Disposable Plasma Processing and Storage Application Set. 

FITRIX® consists of two primary components that together form a fibrin matrix: cryoprecipitate and thrombin. It is prepared using freshly frozen quarantined plasma collected at Sanquin Blood Bank from a single voluntary, unpaid Dutch donor. FITRIX ® supports the post-operative hemostasis and healing of wounds in a variety of different surgical procedures. 


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